Exhibition Review | APQ’s Flagship New Product AK Debuts, Full Range of Products Assembled, Dual Exhibitions in One City Conclude Successfully!

Exhibition Review | APQ’s Flagship New Product AK Debuts, Full Range of Products Assembled, Dual Exhibitions in One City Conclude Successfully!

From April 24-26,

The third Chengdu International Industrial Expo and the Western Global Semiconductor Expo were held concurrently in Chengdu.

APQ made a grand appearance with its AK series and a range of classic products, showcasing its strength in a dual exhibition setting.


Chengdu International Industrial Expo

At the Chengdu Industrial Expo, the cartridge-style smart controller AK series, a flagship product of APQ’s E-Smart IPC, became a star of the event, drawing widespread attention from the industry. 


The AK series was presented with a unique 1+1+1 combination—main chassis, main cartridge, auxiliary cartridge, and software cartridge, offering over a thousand possible combinations. This versatility allows the AK series to meet diverse application needs in fields such as vision, motion control, robotics, and digitization.


In addition to the AK series, APQ also showcased its well-regarded classic products at the Expo, including the embedded industrial computer E series, backpack-style industrial all-in-one machine PL215CQ-E5, and high-performance industrial motherboards developed in-house.


APQ’s presence at the expo was not just about hardware. Demonstrations of their homegrown software products, IPC SmartMate and IPC SmartManager, exemplified APQ’s capability to deliver reliable hardware-software integrated solutions. These products represent APQ’s technical expertise in industrial automation and reflect the company's deep understanding of market demands and rapid response capabilities.


The APQ Research and Development Director delivered a keynote speech on "Building Industrial AI Edge Computing with E-Smart IPC," discussing the use of the E-Smart IPC product matrix to create efficient and stable industrial AI edge computing solutions, driving deep development of industrial intelligence.


China Western Semiconductor Industry Innovation

Simultaneously, APQ's participation in the 2024 China Western Semiconductor Industry Innovation and Development Forum & the 23rd Western Global Chip and Semiconductor Industry Expo highlighted its technological prowess in the semiconductor field.


The company’s Chief Engineer delivered a keynote on "The Application of AI Edge Computing in the Semiconductor Industry," exploring how AI edge computing can enhance production efficiency, optimize quality control, and transform into intelligent manufacturing.


Moving forward, guided by the grand visions of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025, APQ remains committed to advancing industrial intelligent manufacturing. Through continuous technological innovation and service enhancement, APQ is poised to contribute more wisdom and strength to the era of Industry 4.0.

Post time: Apr-28-2024