Good News | APQ Wins Another Honor in the Machine Vision Industry!

Good News | APQ Wins Another Honor in the Machine Vision Industry!


On May 17, at the 2024 (Second) Machine Vision Technology and Application Summit, APQ's AK series products won the "2024 Machine Vision Industry Chain TOP30" award.

The summit, jointly organized by Gaogong Robotics and Gaogong Robotics Industry Research Institute (GGII), was held in Shenzhen and concluded successfully on May 17.


During the summit, APQ's Vice General Manager Xu Haijiang delivered a speech titled "Application of AI Edge Computing in Industrial Machine Vision." He analyzed the diverse needs of industrial cameras and the limitations of traditional IPC solutions, highlighting how APQ addresses these challenges with innovative solutions, offering a new perspective to the industry.


Mr.Xu Haijiang introduced APQ's new generation product, the E-Smart IPC flagship magazine-style intelligent controller AK series. This series adopts an innovative 1+1+1 model, comprising a host machine paired with a main magazine, auxiliary magazine, and soft magazine, providing a highly modular and adaptable intelligent control solution for the machine vision field.


At the summit, APQ's AK series, recognized for its outstanding performance and innovation in the machine vision domain, was selected for the "2024 Machine Vision Industry Chain TOP30" list.


APQ's booth at the summit became a focal point, attracting numerous professionals for inquiries and lively discussions about the AK series and E7DS products. The enthusiastic response underscored the high interest and engagement from attendees.


Through this summit, APQ once again demonstrated its deep expertise and strong capabilities in AI edge computing and industrial machine vision, as well as the market competitiveness of its new generation AK series products. Moving forward, APQ will continue to advance AI edge computing technology research and launch innovative products and services, contributing further to the progress of industrial machine vision applications.

Post time: May-18-2024