VisionChina (Beijing) 2024 | APQ’s AK Series: A New Force in Machine Vision Hardware

VisionChina (Beijing) 2024 | APQ’s AK Series: A New Force in Machine Vision Hardware

May 22, Beijing—At the VisionChina (Beijing) 2024 Conference on Machine Vision Empowering Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation, Mr. Xu Haijiang, Deputy General Manager of APQ, delivered a keynote speech titled "Vision Computing Hardware Platform Based on Next-Generation Intel and Nvidia Technologies."


In his speech, Mr. Xu deeply analyzed the limitations of traditional machine vision hardware solutions and outlined APQ's vision computing hardware platform based on the latest Intel and Nvidia technologies. This platform provides an integrated solution for industrial edge intelligent computing, addressing issues of cost, size, power consumption, and commercial aspects found in traditional solutions.


Mr. Xu highlighted APQ's new AI edge computing model—the E-Smart IPC flagship AK series. The AK series is noted for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, with extensive applications in machine vision and robotics. He emphasized that the AK series not only delivers high-performance visual processing capabilities but also significantly enhances system reliability and maintainability through its soft magazine fail-safe autonomous system.


This conference, organized by the China Machine Vision Union (CMVU), focused on key topics such as AI large models, 3D vision technology, and industrial robot innovation. It offered an in-depth exploration of these cutting-edge topics, providing a visual technology feast for the industry.


Post time: May-23-2024