[Q New Product] The new  APQ edge computing controller – E7-Q670 is officially released, and the pre-sale channel is open!

[Q New Product] The new APQ edge computing controller – E7-Q670 is officially released, and the pre-sale channel is open!

Q New Product


Machine vision can be said to be the “intelligent eye” of Industry 4.0. With the gradual deepening of industrial digitalization and intelligent transformation, the application of machine vision is becoming more and more widespread, whether it is face recognition, monitoring analysis, intelligent driving, three-dimensional image vision, or industrial visual inspection, medical imaging diagnosis, image and video Editor, machine vision has become one of the technologies most closely integrated with smart manufacturing and smart life applications.

In order to further assist the implementation of machine vision, Apache starts from aspects such as performance and scalability, focuses on the application needs and application difficulties in the field of machine vision, and releases Apache's technological innovations and products in deep learning, machine vision applications, etc. Renewal result - E7-Q670.

Product Overview

Apache edge computing controller E7-Q670, supporting Intel ® 12/13th Corer i3/i5/i7/i9 series CPU, paired with Intel ® The Q670/H610 chipset supports M.2 2280 NVMe (PCIe 4.0x4) protocol for high-speed solid-state drives, with a maximum read and write speed of 7500MB/S. The USB3.2+3.0 combination provides 8 USB interfaces, onboard 2.5GbE+GbE dual network interfaces, HDMI+DP dual 4K high-definition display interfaces, supports PCle/PCI slot expansion, mini slot, WIFI 6E expansion, and a newly designed AR series expansion module, which can meet various scene requirements.

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New product features

● The latest Intel Core 12th/13th generation CPUs support heterogeneous design for the future;

● Brand new heat sink, powerful 180W heat dissipation performance, no frequency reduction at 60 degrees full load;

● M.2 2280 NVMe (PCIe 4.0x4) protocol supports high-speed solid-state drives, providing an ultra fast data read and write experience;

● A brand new pull-out hard drive structure, providing a smoother insertion and replacement experience;

● Provide thoughtful small functions such as one click backup/restore of OS, one click clearing of COMS, and one click switching of AT/ATX;

● Provide USB3.2 Gen2x1 10Gbps USB interface and 2.5Gbps network interface to meet faster transmission needs;

● The new 400W high-power and wide voltage power supply module supports stronger performance requirements;

● The brand new aDoor series expansion module quickly expands industrial commonly used interfaces such as 4 network ports, 4 POE network ports, 4 light sources, GPIO isolation, and serial port isolation through reserved dedicated high-speed bus interfaces;

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Ultra high performance processor
The latest Intel Core 12th/13th generation CPUs support a brand new P+E core (performance core+performance core) processor architecture, supporting up to 24 cores and 32 threads. Equipped with a brand new radiator, with a maximum heat dissipation performance of 180W and no frequency reduction at 60 degrees full load.

High speed and large capacity communication storage
Provide 2 DDR4 SO-DIMM notebook memory slots, dual channel support, memory frequency up to 3200MHz, single capacity up to 32GB, and capacity up to 64GB. Provide one M.2 2280 interface, which can support up to M.2 2280 NVMe (PCIe 4.0x4) protocol and up to two 2.5-inch hard drives.

Multiple high-speed communication interfaces
Provide 8 USB interfaces, including 2 USB3.2 Gen2x1 10Gbps and 6 USB3.2 Gen1x1 5Gbps, all of which are independent channels. On board 2.5GbE+GbE dual network interface, modular combination can also achieve the expansion of multiple interfaces such as WIFI6E, PCIe, PCI, etc., easily achieving high-speed communication.

Easy to maintain function
The E7-Q670 product is equipped with three thoughtful small buttons, providing customers with one click backup/restore of OS, one click clear of COMS, one click switch of AT/ATX and other thoughtful small functions, making the operation more convenient and efficient.

Stable performance, excellent choice
Supporting wide temperature operation (-20~60 ° C), the sturdy and durable industrial grade hardware design ensures its reliability and stability. At the same time, equipped with the QiDeviceEyes intelligent operation platform, it can also achieve remote batch management, status monitoring, remote operation and maintenance, safety control and other functions of equipment, making it an excellent choice for engineering operation.

Product Summary

The newly launched E7-Q670 visual controller has evolved again in performance and energy efficiency compared with the original product, which further complements the edge computing machine vision series product matrix of Apache.

In the field of high-tech manufacturing, speed and precision are the key to victory. Machine vision can ensure consistency in product quality and high operational efficiency. Faced with various industrial, automation applications, multiple sensors, IO points and other data under Industry 4.0, the E7-Q670 can easily accommodate and achieve the computation and forwarding of multiple data, providing reliable hardware support for more cutting-edge intelligent applications, achieving digital globalization, and helping industries become smarter.

Post time: Dec-27-2023